The Great Ramen-off of 2015

Alright, I realized I never know which ramen instant noodles to purchase. Confusing the issue, the two major options in American are Nissin Top Ramen and Maruchan Ramen look very similar: ramen-nissin-maruchan So, while awkwardly hanging out in the aisle at our local grocery store, trying to remember which of the two was the one I preferred, I realized there were several other brands of instant ramen that I'd never tried. That needed to change, so I thought it would be a fun project to try each one and review them on here. I've decided I'd rate each of the ramen by the following criteria: packaging, dry noodles, wet noodles, broth, and the after party. Packaging: The packaging criteria includes both the package design and the graphic design, function and form. Dry Noodles: I don't think I'm alone in eating the raw noodle brick by itself, maybe sprinkling a little of the seasoning packet on there for good measure, but sometimes it's just what I need. Because of that, I think it's actually a usefully criteria. And since it's my review, it's in. Wet Noodles: Do they hold their form or dissolve into nothingness? Is their flavor strong, or just a blank slate for the broth? That's what this criteria is all about. Broth: In most soups, the saltiness of the broth—too much or too little—is point on which the balance is made or broken. That's not to say there won't be other factors, but saltiness will certainly be a major portion. After Party: I have a small, but annoying medical condition called GERD, basically I have a chronic propensity for acid reflux. So, my path with food has a fun little caveat, I have to care more than the average person about how what affect that food will have on my GI system. Cheap food, in general, tends to be especially disastrous to my system, so it matters to me.   So, that's my pitch. I purchased a few different brands and I'm going to check a couple other places to see if I can find anymore to try. As I try them, I'll upload them, so stay tuned!

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