Ramen-off: Annie Chun’s Ramen House – Soy Ginger

Annie Chun's Soy Ginger RamenThis was really disappointing. I was hoping since it cost about three times what the usual Ramen goes for, that it would be a better version, but it just did not deliver.
Packaging2/5The graphic design isn't great. It feels like a design blog redesign. The product design is a little excessive too, both the noodles and the broth are held in secondary packages inside the main package. It feels really wasteful.
Dry Noodles0/5The reason the noodles are in their own package is they are still moist. They aren't fully dry, and not great to munch on.
Wet Noodles4/5Honestly, really nice noodles. They have a good springiness to them and have a decent flavor. This was the one shining star.
Broth1/5Not good. Poorly balanced, vaguely tasted like soy and ginger, but didn't have any umami notes really at all.
After Party2/5Not great after party, not sure what set my reflux off, but it wasn't great. Not the worst I've had, but still not great.

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