Ramen-off: Sapporo Ichiban – Chicken

Processed with VSCOcam with 4 preset I would totally buy this again. The dry noodles alone were fantastic! With the noodles being salted and the broth having less salt, munching the dry noodles were just amazing. That being said, this ramen was great. It was just like the base cheap, but better in all areas. This might be my new go-to.  
Packaging4/5Great use of lime green, very stereotypical Japanese-import design and type. Feels nostalgic, but probably not authentic.
Dry Noodles5/5These dry noodles were AMAZING! They were crisp and flavorful. They had been salted and were fantastic!
Wet Noodles3/5Nothing wrong here, but nothing amazing. The flavor did carry through, so combined with the broth it was quite good, but alone, just average.
Broth3/5This is really interesting. It's really a sum is greater than it's parts sort of deal. The broth needed salt, but the noodles were salted, so it balanced really nicely. I feel like combined the score is higher, but alone it's not great.
After Party4/5I had very little reflux, which was really nice. Probably higher quality ingredients than the usual.

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