Ramen-off: KOYO Ramen – Lemongrass Ginger

Processed with VSCOcam with 4 preset This was fine. Not my favorite, but still pretty good, and it was by far the healthiest. I'm not sure that really matters with Ramen, but if it's a factor, there you go.
Packaging4/5The graphic design is fantastic. It's clean, modern, very Japanese, but not nostalgic. The product design is just fine. No extra packaging like the last ramen, and the spice packet was very easy to open.
Dry Noodles3/5The noodles had good flavor, but the noodles were a little tough.
Wet Noodles4/5The noodles were good, they were cooked for four minutes, rather than the usual three minutes, so the tough dry noodles became pretty nice.
Broth3/5The broth was sort of disappointing, although it did have small pieces of nori (seaweed). This ramen is organic, has "no additives, no fillers, just real ingredients" and is vegan. The weird thing is that it was the most unnatural shade of orange. The flavor was fine, but nothing special.
After Party5/5Felt fine afterwards, so that's a win!

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