Ramen-off: Nissin Top Ramen (Chicken)

Nissin Top Ramen - Chicken It's classic, it's salty, it's not the best, but I'll probably buy it again.
Packaging3/5The graphic design is outdated, but really nostalgic. The packaging is pretty standard, so that's cool. I'm pretty annoyed with both this and the Maruchan Ramen's broth packages. They seem to hold on to the powdered broth just long enough for the steam from the hot water to clump it. You then loose a small portion of the powder to the sites of the package and the stuff that does fall doesn't dissolve easily. Huge problems people! HUGE!
Dry Noodles3/5These are the standard, and they are good enough to have started me eating dry noodles, but after the Sapporo Ichiban, nothing will ever be the same.
Wet Noodles4/5Decent noodles, nothing spectacular.
Broth4/5Super salty, which equals super tasty. Super bad for me, but super tasty.
After Party4/5Seems fine. 🙂

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