C4D Python Object ID List

I’ve been messing around with C4D’s Python SKD recently and I ended up making this table of the object IDs I could find. I thought this list might be helpful to other people, so here it is: * These objects are actually the same object, just different presets settings or extra added tags. If anyone has any objects they’d Controls… Read more →

C4D Caustic Tests + Wallpaper Download

Last night I was messing around with glass textures and specifically refraction and light caustics. I made this little scene with an emitter dropping glass cubes toward the camera. There’s a light, just above the emitter with volumetric lighting and area shadows. The light is cranked up to 150%, but also has an Inverse-Square falloff to just below the camera.… Read more →

Testing Out Subsurface Scattering Last Night

I’ve never tried out subsurface scattering until last night. It’s been one of those things that I really dig the look of, but haven’t had time to mess around with. This was my first attempt, and I found that it was really a ton of fun. It’ a bit of a render hog, but the results are so beautiful. Next… Read more →