@font-face Custom Characters Not Rendering on iOS

So, Alan and I are redoing Industrious’ website right now, and we ran into an interesting issue: Mobile Safari does not render all of the custom characters built into the font using @font-face. It, instead, renders a system font version of them and substitutes it. We created a custom font for our new site that replaces the dagger character: †… Read more →

The Wonderful World of Sandwiches

I cannot express how happy it makes me feel, knowing that this list exists in our world: Wikipedia: List of Sandwiches I have a deep love for a good sandwich. I thought for awhile that I just really loved hamburgers, and I really do, but I’ve recently come to the realization that it’s all sandwiches. I don’t know what it… Read more →

Glitch Art?

So, the last few days, Alan has been working from a friend’s house while he’s redoing out his floor. We FaceTime at least once a day about whatever we’re working on and for whatever reason at his friend’s house, the video is all jacked up. It’s actually quite visually interesting, so I thought I’d share some screenshots: Read more →

Weird Vimeo Video Flicker Issue

I’ve noticed this on several Vimeo videos lately, and I’ve seen a couple people say it’s a Safari thing, not a Vimeo thing, but I’m just wondering if anyone else is getting this effect. I don’t seem to get the issue in Chrome, so it’s possible. On playback videos will drop the brightness and boost the contrast. Here’s an image… Read more →

Too Funny!

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Food for Thought

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French Oven Bread

I found this recipe on Le Creuset’s website. It’s actually part of a colaboration between Le Creuset and Michael Ruhlman, which is where I initially found the reference. Anyway, I wanted to share the recipe, because I think it’s cool and could save people a lot of time and effort. I also attached the video of Michael Ruhlman demonstrating the… Read more →